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i used to be so odvious with all my words... but at least i was honest.

not sure why i stopped but i never update anymore. so much is going on in my life and i dont even really have any friends right now... just my wife and my job.
i suppose the biggest thing is my wife is now 4 months pregnant. that means i will be a daddy in late december or early january. we are doing very good right now, she is a bit moody and gets angry over silly shit sometimes, but other then that its great. and yes i know she is pregnant but she was like that before she got pregnat. i think thats just pretty much the way it is and will be forever, at least i think im getting used to it. because she she is happy things are SO AMAZING! i love her so much and im even excited to be a dad.
her twin sister is living with us at the moment... that keeps things around the house pretty interesting lemme tell you. and also i bought another new car, i need to spoil myself while i can, its so nice i love it!
we are also talking about leaving jackson hole and moving back to the city. we would like to buy a house and i dont hink we can afford one here since 1 bedroom condos are going for over 500k right now. yikes

8:56 p.m. - 2007-07-19


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